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Frequently asked questions.

Q) What is SEO?

A) SEO or search engine optimization is a technique for optimizing a website to make it search engine friendly and increasing its scope of ranking on top of the search results. Unless your site is optimized properly your chances of getting good placement in SERPs for important keywords is meagre.

Q) Why opt for organic SEO?

A) Organic SEO, also known as natural SEO indicates natural keyword promotion and strict avoidance to the negative black hat SEO services. Organic SEO guarantees better stability and lesser chances of position alterations due to changing Google & Yahoo algorithms.

Q) Why my site is not featuring in the important search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing?

A) There are a number of reasons why your site is missing from the top search engine results:

May be you are not using a website that's search engine optimized
May be search engines cannot read your site
Probably information, critical to website indexing is missing
Are you sure that you haven't used any scripts that prevents the bots or spiders from crawling and assessing the content
Improper submission or banning due to use of black hat SEO
Don't go for automatic submission to search engines as it might be considered as spamming

Q) My site is showing in SERPs but not for the important keywords. Why is that so?

A) There are particular techniques involved in SEO. Unnecessary staffing of website with hundreds of keywords might have negative effects. Organic SEO always deals in using the suitable keywords only.

Q) How keyword research and SEO are linked?

A) Proper keyword research has a big effect on SEO strategies as this process helps you learn about the popularly used keywords by the audience. The pages, you want to be indexed must contain the most frequently and widely used keywords. These are the target keywords that will keep your website on top of the SERP.

Q) How can I get my site in the top 10 search results?

A) Few factors are important to get your site on top of SERPs:

SEO friendly website design
Avoid using JavaScript navigation
Extensive keyword research is a must
Back linking helps increase site PR
Website should be relevant to keywords used in search engine indexing
Strict avoidance to black hat SEO


Q) What is a SEO friendly website design?

A) A SEO friendly website design is something that's readable by search engines for indexing. Some of the factors to keep in mind are:

The search engine bots cannot read:

Flash animation
Java Scripts
PHP content

They find it tough to index these pages

Inappropriate content get your site penalised
Many search engines and directories abhor automated submissions and consider them as spam.

Q) What is web hosting?

A) It's a platform that provides space for your site. You can either go for shared hosting or dedicated hosting.

Q) Why do I need a website?

A) A website makes it easier to reach out to a broader pool of clients online. Through your website, you can give your potential clients a glimpse of the products you sell.

Q) Why does a website have to look attractive?

A) A website is like the face of your business in the Web world and if it's not attractive then you cannot expect your potential buyers to waste time viewing it.

Q) Why does a website have to be user friendly and SEO friendly?

A) It's very important to build a website that's user friendly and SEO friendly at the same time. A user friendly website can take your business to greater heights as majority users wouldn't waste time on a complicated website. Making a SEO friendly website, makes it easier for the search engine bots to index the page and give it better ranking.

Q) My website isn't fetching enough visitors. Why is that so?


A) If your website is not search engine optimized properly and doesn't fulfill the criteria that users are looking for, then the chances are that it wouldn't attract enough visitors.


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