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How IOT Websolutions emerges as Your Reliable Static Web Design Specialist

Web design is one of the vital components that goes into making a successful online marketing strategy. A web designer has to focus on a number of factors while creating the final web design layouts and the kind of web pages to create is a primary concern that keeps the professionals on their toes.


How We Make a Difference:

Since, the inflow of web traffic depends greatly on the web designing skills, it's important to arrange our thoughts and plans properly.


How Static Website Designing is Different from Dynamic Web Designing

In static web designing you hardly have the scope to innovate and modify beyond the images and content that’s fed into the system, while in dynamic web designing the images and content keep on changing regularly.
A static website takes lesser time to load and is appropriate to attract the pool of online audiences who want the web pages to load speedily even with a slow internet connection. On the contrary, the dynamic web pages with multiple features take time to load.
In static web pages the images need to be optimized regularly to match the internet speed levels.
Web page index submission is easier with a static web page.
Static web pages don’t allow the web servers to do certain calculations through specific scripts and so the slowing of servers can be avoided.
Static pages are easier for the search engine robots to detect and assess for indexing and page listing.
Compared to dynamic web pages, it is easier to transport static web pages. All you need is a linked database. It is easier to move a static web page from one directory to another.
Moving a static page to a fresh server is easier since, no database format change is needed.

Being a leading Static Web Design Company in India, we design your static web pages, keeping all these factors in mind. Additionally, we ensure complete client satisfaction in terms of improving revenue generation.

Catering to our clients as a pioneering Static Web Design Company in Delhi, we believe in transparent business procedures, this is why we update you about the various benefits of both dynamic web page designs, and the static page designs so that you can make your choice depending on your knowledge and understanding.


Our Well Defined Static Web Design Service Packages Include:


Custom Designing
Creating POP Emails
Enquiry Form
SEO Friendly Designs
Free maintenance
Google Analytic Integration
100% Responsive
Google map
Social Media Linking
Customer Support


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