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Why Businesses are beginning to Trust Tumbler

Tumblr is definitely, the new buzz word in the realm of online marketing and social media marketing solutions. Having a considerably young and educated crowd of audiences, Tumblr definitely has the potential to take you places. A blend of the core social media marketing platforms, Tumblr is all set to take your business to the next level of competition.

Why Businesses are beginning to Trust Tumbler?


Tumblr’s average RPV is second only to Facebook
Bought by Yahoo in 2013, Tumblr surely has a bigger backup system
Showing above 74% yearly growth
Above 40 million users through PC and mobile devices
Huge number of blogs on Tumblr indicating greater exposure for your posts
Users spend more time on Tumblr for informative updates
High traffic site
Huge number of unique visitors monthly Tumblr Marketing Services Include:


Create and customize your Tumblr profile
Link your Tumblr profile to your business website
Focus strongly on impacting images
Link images to your Tumblr profile
Introduce social sharing feature
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